The Rex presents the opportunity to be one of the first net-zero carbon whole life developments in London and we are also exploring the opportunity to create a building that is net-zero in operational energy. The re-use and extension of the old Greencoat House building ensures the project is as sustainable as possible. Retaining as much of the existing structure as we can reduces the carbon footprint of the project compared with the construction of a new building.

The roof terraces will be designed to create biodiverse roofscapes to attract wildlife. The finished development will be more green and environmentally friendly than the current building.  The use of sedum green roofs will enhance water retention and rainwater harvesting will minimise water demand. We shall also be recycling and reusing water on the site.  We shall use low carbon heating, using heat pumps or connections to district heat networks and there will be no new connections to the gas grid or use of fossil fuel boilers.

Co-living is another opportunity to enhance sustainability because we will be able to fully manage the homes and make sustainable choices concerning all the furniture, applicances and fittings.